Spa Etiquette
  • A credit card will be required for appointment reservations. Arriving late for an appointment may require us to shorten the length of the treatment or reschedule so that our other guests are not inconvenienced. Failure to reschedule within 24 hours will result in an automatic charge of 50% of the service amount to your credit card. The rescheduling/ cancellation fee must be paid before your next service. If you have a gift certificate, the 50% rescheduling / cancellation fee still applies. Without the courtesy of communicating with a staff member within the requested time frame, any last minute cancellations and no-shows will be automatically charged due to the time slot being reserved just for you. Remember that even one missed appointment can greatly affect expected clinical results/goals, and greatly incoveniences our staff members. Please be aware that our  therapists have your scheduled time specifically blocked off to accommodate you, and we ask the same courtesy to be extended.  Continuous rescheduling and missed appointments will result in no future services unless pre-purchased in advanced.

  • Please arrive at least 5-10 minutes prior to your treatment time to fill out any necessary paperwork, and to begin the relaxation process. If you are running late or need directions, please contact the staff as soon as possible to notify of your estimated arrival time or to reschedule.

  • Promotional & social media “check-in” offers cannot be combined.



  • Please silence your cell phone during your spa visit to encourage uninterrupted tranquility.

  • If you’re uncomfortable, you don’t have to undress completely; it’s perfectly okay to wear underwear while having a massage. Draping is ALWAYS required during a service. Spa wraps will be provided for your comfort in between multiple services.

  • If you are on any medications, retinol products, or have recent injections / surgeries, please advise staff so we can accommodate products and pressure and services accordingly to avoid any contraindications.



  • Leaving 15% to 20% based on the original price of the service is customary at most spas.

  • Received services from more than one therapist? Leave a separate tip for each one.

  • If you’re getting a promotional rate, it’s customary to tip on the full value of the service.

  • Gratuity is never expected, but always gratefully appreciated! The best tip of all is a client referral, social media check-ins, and a online review!